Dressing Your Personality

Your entrance into the speed dating Houston events should not only attract but it should create an impact and what contributes to sustaining the focus for a more extended period is your outlook. It’s believe that what you have on, determines your personality and style.

Note; not being overdressed, but being dressed to suit the occasion tells more about you.

Your personality is often a reliable indicator of what kind of style suits you the best, for instance, a lady who is soft-spoken and likes to daydream will be often seen with frilly pieces like lace and ruffles. An endearing culture person will often be seen dressing more urban and sporty.

On a first date to the speed dating Houston events, there is no need to be all over dressy.

Few tips below should explain what your first date outfit should look like.

First, you pick an outfit or a color you get complimented on; if there is none, you can go for a neutral color like Black, that shouldn’t select anyways.

Second, comfort should be a top priority; trust me, you do not want to wear something that will cause you fidgeting all through, you need something that will be comfortable enough to work in, eat in or breath. Bottom line – there are more important things to discuss.

Third, the same way as your looks reflects your personality; it should also reflect your environment. Picking one best asset to show off isn’t a bad idea, for instance, do you have great legs? Wear a skirt or short. Great arms? Wear a strapless maxi dress. The whole point is not to expose too much skin. It might reverse to be a turn-off and also depicting that you’re trying too hard.

Fourth, avoiding all extremes would go a long way to send a striking and lasting impression, an outfit not overly trendy but classy and elegant. A more minimal and natural makeup is acceptable. All you need is to enhance your features and not to overwhelm them.

On a second date, there you can genuinely let your true colors glow, especially if you had played safe on the first date, you could decide to put on whatever makes you comfy and relaxed. If you are a T-shirt and Jean kind of girl, wear that, but if you choose to throw in a little more style by wearing a bright floral dress or a stripe palazzo pants with a plain color cotton tank top, there is no time like a second date to do it. In the end, wearing what makes you comfortable and more relaxed is the right choice, date number aside.


Dressing the way you want to be addressed should always be the watchword when planning for a date. A little bit of everything wouldn’t also be a bad idea, but too much of everything will be disastrous. Avoid every extreme with your outfit, could be your makeup or jewelry.  Staying classy and straightforward says more.

Dressing Your Personality

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